Someone is talking about people being rude when he is the last person to call people that. He is also angry about that fact that we think he is moraly wrong. Just because you CAN do something DOESN'T mean you SHOULD.


Yes again. Someone wondered what happened to person A. Person B then says person A left and she got gifted her account. LIES. And you know why? Because person A is person B and is trying to erase her drama past. How pathetic can you B then?
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Home Made Kazoku

I don't think I've ever written a pimp post for an artists before. But this time I had to do it. Everyone in the whole world needs to listen to this act. They are absolutely amazing. They are an funky Hip-Hop act and their songs always make me so happy. For more about this amazing act follow the cut.
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Yeh in the pixel world again. Seriously how old does fawns think she is. Because she's sure as hell ain't 30. She also sold me bullshit after I asked her to credit me for my layout she was using. She was like "hardly on here, hardly have time". Yet she had updated her community and her journal (with a long as post now deleted) the day after I asked her to credit me.