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I thought of making a list of movies and drama's I've seen in 2009. As well as a still to see list. And every movie now also has a rating from 1-5.

♥ A Millionares First Love
♥ Antique
♥ Art Of Revenge
♥ Battle Royal II
♥ Dark Water
♥ Devil Wears Prada
♥ Doremifasolasido
♥ Dragonlord
♥ Ice Age
♥ Hanzel En Gretel
♥ Mulan
♥ Natural City
♥ Over The Hedge
♥ The Eye 2
♥ The League Of Extrodenery Gentleman
♥ The Myth
♥ The Red Shoes
♥ The Screen
♥ Treasure Hunt
♥ Wishing Stairs
♥ Yesterday

♥ Celeb To Binbo Taro

The new list for 2010

♥ A Dirty Carnival
♥ Black House
♥ Chocolate
♥ Die Welle
♥ Haunted Village
♥ Kiss Of The Dragon
♥ Meet The Spartans
♥ Mongol
♥ Princes Aurora
♥ Saw 7
♥ Solomon Kane
♥ Suburbian Girl
♥ The Chaser
♥ The Home Song Stories
♥ The One
♥ The Restless
♥ Three Kingdoms


list for 2011

♥ Bedevilled
♥ Breath
♥ Children of Men
♥ Colic
♥ February 29
♥ Goemon
♥ I Saw The Devil
♥ Legend Of The Fist
♥ Toy Story 3

Still to see
♥ Boys Over Flowers [Drama]
♥ Goodbye My Love [Drama]
♥ Il ji Mae [Drama]
♥ King Of Room [Drama]
♥ My Sassy Girl
♥ One Missed Call 2,3

If you have any suggestions leave them here ♥
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