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Home Made Kazoku

I don't think I've ever written a pimp post for an artists before. But this time I had to do it. Everyone in the whole world needs to listen to this act. They are absolutely amazing. They are an funky Hip-Hop act and their songs always make me so happy. For more about this amazing act follow the cut.

HOME MADE 家族 (romanization: HOME MADE Kazoku; translation: HOME MADE Family) is a Japanese hip-hop trio formed in 1996 consisting of MICRO, KURO, DJ U-ICHI.

Their song, “Thank You!!”, was used as the second ending theme of the popular anime BLEACH in 2005 and became a sensational hit. Later on in the year, the hit single “Shounen Heart” was used in the anime “Eureka seven”, as the second opening theme. In February 2007 their single ‘流れ星 ~Shooting Star~’ was used as the first ending theme to the anime Naruto Shippuuden.

Their album releases:

• Rock the World [11 May 2005]
• Musication [15 February 2006]
• Familia [14 March 2007]
• Home [8 October 2008]
• Circle [3 March 2010]
• Seven Emotions [2 February 2011]
• Laugin Road [2015]

The haven't released a single album that I do not like. There will always be a couple of songs that I don't like. But atleast 75% of their discography is amazing :D As far as songs to check out there are so many that I could recommend. Below is a selection of songs that I think you should listen to. All links since it's still quite a list. Not all songs I really wanted to post where on youtube unfortunaly.

Thank You!! Reborn

Shonen Heart


No Rain No Rainbow

Hands Up


Lean On Me

Homerareru to Nobiru Type

Shooting Star

Love is

And as a bonus Abingdon Boys School with one of the HMK members.
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